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micronAir® Cabin Air filters help to protect your health by improving the quality of the air you breathe while in your vehicle. Increasing traffic congestion, commuting distances and family activities add up to more time spent in the car than ever. micronAir filters trap a broad range of microscopic particles, harmful gases and unpleasant odors to help make your time in the car more pleasant and healthier.

Regularly replacing your cabin air filter with a genuine micronAir filter can offer relief for asthma, allergy and hay fever sufferers. It also helps to protect the performance of your air conditioning system.

micronAir filters feature a multi-stage filtration media that is electrostatically charged for optimum filtering. Our carbon-enhanced filters offer the additional benefit of removing many gaseous pollutants and offensive odors.

All micronAir filters meet or exceed auto manufacturers specifications for original equipment.

Air Filter FAQs

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How Our Air Filters Work

micronAir carbon enhanced filters ensure optimum protection from many particulate and gaseous pollutants. Learn more.

Air Filter Installation Instructions

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